torsdag 5 januari 2017

Razer Deathadder on Linux

I've got a Razer Deathadder mouse connected to one of my PCs. This is a quite popular gaming mouse.

It doesn't work fine in a standard Linux distro (at least on Fedora). The resolution is too high and it isn't possible to turn down.

In the past I used a script and xinput to lower the mouse sensitivity.

But there is a driver for Linux created by the free software community, in this case by Michael Büsch.

The driver automatically sets the resolution to something usable and you can set different profiles and tune it from the command line or using a GUI application (the latter which doesn't currently work on Fedora due to missing python libraries, but no big deal).

I've been using this driver for a long time, first by compiling it from source, and later through the rpmsphere-release repostory at

At one point it stopped working and I found out that it hadn't been updated in a few months in the repository, so it lagged behind the upstream release. I set out to fix this.

Installing from source is OK for me, but I prefer that also other people can use it, so I undertook to update the rpm package for Fedora.

The razer driver is now available in a Fedora Copr repository:

Due to missing python3-pyside and shiboken in Fedora, the razer GUI application doesn't work right now, but it is being worked upon. It is possible to compile the components yourself, but it is not trivial and it took a couple of hours.