söndag 29 mars 2015

Easy Minecraft installation in Linux

This is an installation script for Minecraft on Linux. It installs the Minecraft launcher in the system, so that all users can easily start and play Minecraft. It creates icons and a shortcut to the launcher.

The script is an improved version of this script (github https://gist.github.com/wvega/728367)

When the user starts Minecraft, it will download a copy of Minecraft to the user's home directory, exactly like when manually installing Minecraft.

This script works fine on Fedora, but I imagine it should work on most Linux distros. The only requirement is that Java is installed somewhere. The script assumes there is a link to Java at /usr/java/latest/bin/java or in /usr/bin/java, otherwise it will exit with an error.

The script downloads the Minecraft launcher, and installs it system wide. Sometimes the Minecraft launcher address has changed and then of course the script must be updated.

Download the shell script here or from github. Do "chmod +x minecraft-install.sh". Then execute it with "sudo ./minecraft-install.sh".

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